So I Bought a PreBuilt


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So last fall my motherboard died, son's system died from a spill, and after new products, an RMA, several attempts at reassemling, a CPU pin-bending incident, a new laptop as a replacement and several unsuccessful re-assemblies....I gave up. Tired of browsing on my 2012 era laptop. and troubleshooting the pile of parts I have.

I ordered a Corsair a7200 from Best Buy. I was going to go with an ABS from newegg, but it still felt like a crapshoot of not knowing what you're actually getting. I knew I wasn't going the dell/hp routre, wanted something with actual non-proprietary off the shelf parts but could not afford a falcon nw or such. Ran across this, did some research and ordered it.

So this is more of a by way of information post than a brag, it's modest, a 5600x with a 3060ti. Has actual off-the-shelf parts, 6 rgb fans, an h110i cooler, 4000D airflow case,etc. I added up all the parts and they totaled about `$100 less than what I paid for it. I've got two SSDs to go in it and 2x8gb sticks of matching ram but honestly I am afraid to open the case at this point. I'm jinxed.

So if anyone is wanting a plug-and-play solution, this has my recommendation. There are other cpu/gpu combos but didn't want to spend that much, I *might* game a couple of hours a week

Only negatives so far are the top/front panel usb-c port won't power an nvme drive enclosure and it has Windows 11. ugh, what moron at M$ thought this was an imporvement over 10?