SlySoft forced out of business


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FYI. Last update to software was a few days ago. Should be good for awhile. Lifetime for software usually means years if you're lucky. Seems they had a good run from what I've read.
Considering that their business model consisted of stripping DRM from CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays, I'm surprised that they lasted this long. I used AnyDVD for ripping movies that I owned so I could convert them to play on our iPad.
we had a shop right in the center of our city (actually right next to our mayor) who had a very errr ... special business-idea.

The had a lot of copy-stations. You could go there, take a look at their list and get "back-up-copies" of all the games (pc/ps1/ps2/ps3). A copy would cost around 2 bucks. The also modded ps's with several chips.

Now you might say "Wutt? That's impossibruuu". Well, their Explanation was something like this:

"All the copy-stations are managed by underaged Kids who get a small loan for their work. If you buy a copy here and walk outta the store and let's say a cop stops you right in front of our store, then it's your "Business" to Show them your "original", not ours, because we only provided the hardware and service for people who couldn't themselves because they ain't have the hardware for it at home"

Now you might think that's the most stupid Explanation you've ever heard. Truth is they stayed in their business for over 6 (!) years. And even after these 6 years they just moved on, no one forced them to close their business.

You can't imagine how crowded the place was all the time. (..i heard..)
I wonder how many people actually BOUGHT their software.

I tried to steal it a few times, but my virus protection killed it every time. :lol:

I eventually used DVD Platinum and 123 DVD Copy, which I actually did buy and used maybe a dozen times. :rolleyes:
I bought the lifetime license. It was a great product for what I needed - ripping movies I own to play on the iPad.
Best. Software. Ever. Granted, not much need to rip DVD's now that you can stream every movie via Netflix/Amazon.

DVD Decrypter still works if you don't mind a 2-step rip/encode process.
I bought DVDfab's lifetime blu-ray licence... Those |&!"??/"!? Disney blu-ray that I own and couldn't copy to my htpc :mad:

Sad to see slysoft go, was there some trial ? Never heard they were going out...
Damn it. Used their product to make preservation back-ups of all my Blu-rays; would strip the movie down to just a single M2TS file that would play immediately, as opposed to having to wait 5 ****ing minutes after putting the disc in the drive, and potentially damaging it.

Oh well... someone else will fill the void, no doubt...
According to the (the latter name will likely be purged over time) forums, the former staff is considering their options and the future of what they'll be looking into and considering.
They seem to be back:

Version history / Release notes / Changelog: 2016 03 01
AnyDVD reborn! SlySoft is dead, long live RedFox!
This is an intermediate release, so old customers can continue to use their existing AnyDVD license to watch their discs.
This version can access the new RedFox Online Protection Database
This version will only work, if already own a valid AnyDVD license
For compatibility with 3rd party programs, AnyDVD will still use "SlySoft" for directories and registry paths
It will replace an existing SlySoft AnyDVD installation
New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
Some minor fixes and improvements