Simple update question


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I’m a newbie on the graphics drivers (or any other driver) area, so this is real simple, but not for me.

I downloaded some drivers from Big Z (thanks by the way), but can’t figure out how to use them. In the install section on the page there is a discripton how to update a driver on W2K, but when I use this it will only accept .inf files, and I just have a .dll (and a .sys for one of the drivers).
How does this work? Can you perhaps give me a url to a page where I can learn this (and a qick how-to for this specific problem would be good). Thanks.

Thanks a lot

And while I’m at it:
Compac Armada M700
ATI Rage Mobility P/M AGI 2X (A21/2)

Is 110.0 OpenGL ICD a good idea?
Or should I rather go with Miniport/Display driver combination 5064?

Thanks again
I suggest that you carefully read the page that you downloaded that file from.
Display driver/ Miniport combinations are provided for insertion into the complete drivers avaiable at the same page.
Start with a working driverset, such as 2k_5011 below, and replace the existing files with the miniports/display/opengl drivers that are available

The 110.0 ICD is my preferred ICD. It is definitely the fastest of the available ones. As for image quality, it may not be the best. Then again... who really cares about image quality with a Rage Pro?

As for 5064.... all 50xx series seem to offer similar preference. So its pretty much up to your preference.