Shortage of core 17 wu's


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I came home from work and my comp was silent. :p
It seems a large corporate donor temporarily dried up all the core 17 wu's new ones are being generated.

Thread here.
Vijay Pande said:
We’ve had a large influx of GPU clients, including a big donation of time from a corporate partner, and we’ve run a bit low on GPUs late last night (pacific time). The team got new WUs going last night and we expect they should be online shortly.

While this shortage is naturally annoying for donors (hopefully just briefly annoying, with the new WUs coming online soon), there is an interesting upside to this––we’ve been really blown away with all the GPU resources donors have been running and look forward to the exciting research we can accomplish with this great outpouring of support.

I've often wondered if any corps or even small business's were doing anything like that.

I know i run a few clients out of where i work (i'm the sysadmin) but aside from the IT groups PC's the rest aren't really powerful enough to do much.

Even though it was annoying to be out of WU's for a bit in the grand scheme of things i think it was a wonderful gesture by whatever company it was. (i didn't read the thread, was the company mentioned?)