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I'm new to the Shell game and I have a project coming up that involves changing multiple folder names. While that part is fairly simple, changing only part of the name and keeping the rest is not, at least not for me yet.

We changed the name of a scheme in our dev bug tool to reflect our project that we are working on correctly, but we need to change the key related to it. The software it's self doesn't allow for this. We have to manually download an XML DB dump and change each instance in that to be that of the new key, but we also have to change the attachment folders to the same key. Each one is YZ-1, YZ-2, and so on. YZ is the key to be changed and the rest of the folder name needs to be left alone.

Does anyone know of a shell command to do such a thing?
Windows, I was able to figure it out yesterday. I was way too busy to check back in here.

I had to use windows PowerShell with the following:

Dir | rename-item -newname { $ -replace 'OLDNAME' , 'NEWNAME' }