Serious Range issue


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Hi there,

I'm getting about 6-8 feet of range out of my Remote Wonder. This is way shorter than I should have as far as everyone is reporting. I's prefer not to move the receiver away from the compter itself...Anyone have any tips? I'm running it with a stock PIII-800, driver rev 1.4.

I just went through the same thing. I tried new batteries, moving the receiver around, differetn ID's and even opened it up and resoldered almost everything and added to and moved the antennas on both parts. Not 1 inch of difference.

I ended up buying a new remote off of E-Bay and it covers the house with the original receiver. There is a 3 year warranty on them so if you are in the states you can RMA it supposedly.

I can control my pc from the sitting room downstairs at the front of the houce (PC is in a room upstairs at the top of the house.

9800SE AIW (@ PRO AIW) + Remote wonder + GIGAVIDEO 30 Video Sender = Bittorrent DIVX downloads downstairs on the 28" Widescreen WITH NO WIRES :D :D

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What drivers are you using? I had the 2.2 drivers installed on my main-system and had a lot of troubles getting more than 1-2 meters (3-6 feet) of range out of the remote. On my Laptop however, I had about 3-4 meters (9-12 feet) of range. I first thoughed it could be a problem with the type of USB-chip used, e.g. laptop == Intel 845, main == KT400, but I found out today that I had the 2.2-drivers installed on my main system and the 1.1-drivers on my laptop. So I've downloaded the 1.4-drivers and replaced the 2.2-drivers with them. Now I get about the same range as on my laptop, 3-4 meters.
Attach a USB extension cable to the Remote's receiver to allow you to mount it far away from your computer. The computer causes RF interference which limits the range of the remote.

I attached a 10' USB extension cable to mine, and it made a huge difference in my range.