SCSI DVD Drives with Radeon

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Chuck Chuck bo Buck

When attempting to watch a DVD using my Pioneer SCSI DVD drive with the Radeon, the DVD stops after the FBI warning.

When I swapped drives for a Pioneer IDE DVD drive, the DVDs ran fine.

Has anyone else come to this conclusion? And if so, is there a solution?
I used to have this problem, too. If I remember correctly, it could be your SCSI driver. I have a Tekram DC-390F and I think I had this problem with their latest driver release. Problem was gone when I switched to an older version.
pioneer's scsi drivers suck if you ask me i have a old 32 speed pioneer and it can only read 25% of my cd's +

which is why i bougth a toshiba scsi dvd because plextor dont make dvd drivers :(

hhhmm ok i may be a jerk but i'm a jedi jerk like my father was before me :)
i never had any trouble at all with my scsi pioneer dvd. runs all cds even cd-rws and is not very noisy. slot in works good, it's codefree too - i am happy...

Do I smell cupcakes...
I have a Pioneer DVD-303S on a Tekram DC390U2W and it works like a charm. Never had a problem with it on any CD or DVD and I have quite a collection. Well over 200. Sounds like a software or driver problem. I am using the latest Tekram drivers and bios. Good luck!

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