RWII is out-ranged by RWI w/'extension'

Andrew 1961

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I have a neighbor who is interested in using the ATi RW throughout his home. Since I own both the RWI (AIW 9000 Pro and HDTV-Wonder) and the RWII (AIW 9600XT) I was ready to test them both. We found the RWII would respond around 30~35 feet when the RWI would go 40~45 feet. Finding the RWII did NOT outperform it's older RWI odd, and needing more range, we connected an approximately 6' long piece of 24-AWG wire to the end of the RWI's (short) antenna wire. We found this simple modification extended the RWI's range to 65~70 feet -- all throughout the house. We did NOT exit the house or attempt to identify the new 'maximum' range; and this was an unscientific test, conducted in my home, NOT in an open, line of sight environment as they often test cordless phones, walkie-talkies, and devices like those. YMMV

So, don't trust the hype -- a simple extension can do wonders for the Remote Wonder :D

I wonder why they build it with such a short antenna (wire) ?