RW2 and channel info


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I've set up a Girder gml file to control Foobar (a music player) with my RW1 (ATI driver 1.4) and it worked like a charm.
In Girder I learnt all the buttons with the Generic X10 plugin and, for each of them I got the channel info (I set my RW1 to ch 16).

Wanting to improve the working distance of my system, after reading around I bought a RW2 on Ebay.
I plugged it in but nothing happened so I downloaded the last driver (3.03), installed it but still nothing. Then I installed a Girder plugin (ATI RW 1 e 2) and the RW2 started working.

In Girder, I could see that the RW1 was seen as an X10 device and the RW2 instead was not.

Another thing I noticed is that Girder is not getting the channel info from the RW2: do you know if it is a limitation of ATI software (or sdk)?
Can the RW2 be seen as an X10 device too? (maybe with thirdy party software?)

What about the RW Plus? Is it an X10 too?

Regarding the distance, I must say that the RW2 is far far better then the RW1. Unfortunately, it has too tiny keys and too closed together so I'm looking for a Plus to test: does anybody has one or knows where to find one?


I posted this to the Girder forum too.
From what I have heard, RW2 is not really X10. If you check RWKeyfactory, it is not supported there, either.
I have all three, and I like the RW+ the best. It is much lighter than RW1 and RW2 and doesnt seem to have some issues like the RW2. It mostly works with Windows MCE with the 3.03 drivers. The RW2 double-presses. I use the RW2 with the 3.02 drivers on an old PCI Rage card for TV-out only with MMC 7.7. Not that pretty, but works for occaisional usage.

I have not really had range problems with any of the remotes; I use USB extensions to keep the receiver away from the PC.