RW1 intermitent failure


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Had a RW1 since the begining of the year, been working great since then on both my desktop and my laptop.
Until last week when it stopped responding on my laptop, batteries seemed ok, the LED was flashing when I pressed the buttons and the receaver was showing power. Drivers have never been an issue, never crashed out so far.

Tried it on my desktop and it appeared to work for a while, and then it started to get patchy and not respond properly, and then not respond at all. Again the led was flashing away showing signs of acknowladgement. rechecked on the laptop and it is doing the same.
Also doublechecked on its ID, where properties is set to except all ID's but I did set it to try individual ones with what ever number I programmed into the remote.

Both setups running RW 3.01 drivers and ati MC9.06

Cant think of anything else to try, if there is anything else to try that is?
Or could I be looking at the failure of one of the two parts ?