RW 3.02 random crashes?


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Has anyone else here had a problem with the RW 3.02 software giving random application errors? I'm using a Remote Wonder Plus and it works fine until ATIRW.EXE dies with a GPF for no reason at all. :rolleyes: Seems to almost always happen when ntbackup.exe runs overnight (backup to an external HD) but it will just happen randomly as well.

This is not the crash in x10net.dll that people have been getting. I've never had that problem.

I know it's a bug in 3.02, because the original remote software that came on my HDTV Wonder CD works fine. (version 3.0 customized for the RW+)

I might as well stick with that version, but I wanted to know if anyone else is seeing this.
I had this happen a few times related to MouseWare and other Logitech software drivers... once removed, the random crashes went away.

Dunno if this is your problem, but it was surely mine. Removing Logitech MW took care of the issue.
Well, I do have Logitech gamepad and webcam drivers installed, and Intellipoint/Intellitype for the MS wireless desktop.

Oh well, I need them more than I need 3.02. There's no difference from the 3.0 RW+ version that came with my HDTV Wonder, I'll stay with that.
Yes, I have the same problem. I don't have any logitech software installed. The crashes don't seem to coincide with any particular action.

I reverted to the software on my HDTV wonder cd as well.
Same here...random crashes, no logitech software. I had a defective ram module recently I thought it was it...but it might not be. I have original rw (very old drivers on the cd) although they haven't changed much...