Ruby worth learning?


Keeping an open mind
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Currently the only programing language I know is C#, and some UNIX script, but I'm not interested in being a coder. I just want some thing to mess around with and Ruby seems like a nicer fit for a non-serious coder? Or am I just fooling my self here and should stick to C# & VisualStudio for just messing around?
Any opinions or ideas on what to use when it comes to tools for writing and debugging? Because Visual Studio seems pretty great thus far.
Visual studio is a fantastic IDE.

I can recommend Eclipse, but it needs some configuration depending on your target language, though most targets have preconfigured setups if you google for them.
Try out debugging asap though, since that is a must have.

Also, if you pick up a new language, try to find a start to finish book on it and go though it. It is well worth it for every new language to get to know its tricks :)
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