Ruby: OpenGL support


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An Alternative Programing Translator, if I'm ocrrect.
Well I've been going over it and feel that this would be the best programing languege for me as I learn OpenGL.
What would you say are it's pro's an con's or what would you reccomend in it's place.
It auto-maticly allocates memory, like java, but for tweak you can go back in and do it yourself. It translates int C and C++. And is much like java, but nicer.
Maybe look into C#. I don't really know anything about it, but I know it's supposed to be easy like Java.

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First you must learn the base of all programming: The Commidore. Once you have mastered this ancient art of programming, only then young Jedi Coder, you will be on your way to becoming "A 1337 M4573r." Be forewarned, do not let the dark side temp you, young 1337 apprentice.
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Bah, the one time when it doesn't is no justification for forgetting the 10 bazillion times when it has ;). Oh but wait...thanks to Jason it did! :D
Yeah, I had seen the thread before, but I hadn't bothered to click on it. After like three days of bitching, I finally decided to see what all the hooplah was about. I guess it paid off.

C# is the language used by Microsoft's .NET API. In fact, it is Microsoft's response to Java (instead a paying licenses to Sun, after all how great could Microsoft be if they had to be subserviant to Sun's Java (sarcasm)).

However, from what I gather, C# seems directed only toward x86 based chip architecture, while Java can work perfectly across different chip architectures without any modifications by the typical 3rd party programmer.

I personally would prefer Java to become a future standard ( not because of its ease ) but because of the brilliant structure of the Java classes.