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It's been confirmed from best buy the top end is 699.99. It seems like a steal to me compare to the steam deck. Anyone here thinking of getting one?
Would help to put more information about it here, maybe, i guess.

The Asus ROG Ally is real – and has better specs than Steam Deck

(Image credit: Asus)

Following an announcement on April Fools' Day that caused a healthy dose of disbelief, the Asus ROG Ally has been confirmed as a real handheld in development, which will look to take on the blossoming portable gaming PC market.

The ROG Ally ("a lie" - you can see why folks were confused) will run on Windows 11 and supposedly house a custom AMD APU that's dubbed to be the fastest on the market.
Compared to the Steam Deck, the ROG Ally looks like it will have superior specs, at least on paper. The Ally will have a 16:9, 1080p touchscreen display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Valve's popular handheld, on the other hand, can only boast 800p and 60Hz on a 16:10 display.

Regardless of the confusion, an official Asus Twitter account confirmed the handheld's existence on April 3rd.

Of course, there's no accounting for taste, but the sleek and stylish white design seen in images contrasts distinctly from the Deck, as its vents, colorful line work, and front speakers all resemble the best Asus gaming laptops.

The ROG Ally will be the latest in a long line of portable gaming PCs to launch in recent years, as the Ayaneo 2, OneXPlayer 2, and Steam Deck have all made inroads into competing with the on-the-go capabilities on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

While details are still sparse at present, Asus has confirmed that it will run games from Steam and Xbox libraries, as well as other digital storefronts. (Image credit: Asus)
Just as the Steam Deck can be fastened down to a more stationary setup with one of the best Steam Deck Docks, the Asus ROG Ally can be plugged into an external GPU, or connected to a larger display.

There are no confirmed release dates or prices yet, although one leak found on Reddit(opens in new tab) and reported by Insider Gaming(opens in new tab) states that the Ally will launch in two colors – Black and White – and in two storage capacity sizes. If the leak is to be believed, a 512GB model will cost $649, and a 1TB version will set you back $899.

This leak also suggests an October release date, and that the Ally will even support VR. Whether there is much validity to this remains to be seen, although we'd expect to hear more in the coming months.

To sign up to hear more about the Asus ROG Ally, you can join the mailing list(opens in new tab) on the Asus website.


As for your question, no, i'm not in the market for one, but maybe some ragers that (for some reason) don't want to jump on the Steam Deck bandwaggon, dunno.
Some of us don't really have a choice - Valve hardware ain't sold where I live, Ally is.
edit: omg, think I need to get a new tablet after forum upgrade, the render performance is abysmal!
Some of us don't really have a choice - Valve hardware ain't sold where I live, Ally is.
edit: omg, think I need to get a new tablet after forum upgrade, the render performance is abysmal!

Did you preorder one?
Anyone pick one up? Always curious see how these pan out.
Anyone pick one up? Always curious see how these pan out.
I got one. I'm gonna start with the bad. Currently there are 2 major problems with the device

1. Joystick deadzone: This is mostly a software problem. The Armory crate software deadzone set at 0, isn't depending on the game. There are a few software work around. I haven't looked into it much on my device. I tested my joysticks on the game pad-tester website. The dead zone on my joysticks seem OK. With that said I can't aim for shit in fps games. A patch was released with improvements. Asus is working with a few users to get the feel right.

2. SD card and reader failure: There are a significant amount of complaints with the reader either corrupting the MicroSD card or killing it. The reader is dying on some devices. it has mixed results but some got it working again with newer non Asus drivers or reformatting the card. Cards that no long works on the ally work fine with an external reader. Users suspect heat is the cause because it next to the heat vent. Asus response is the reader performing to spec - more investigations is needed. They released a bios today that increased the fan curve as a precaution.
I'm keeping my card removed until they figured it. Everyday there's a new victim to this problem.

Update 7/10 - Asus internal investigation found under certain thermal condition the card reader can malfunction. To work around the design flaw the next update will adjust the fan curve to blow even harder.:manches2:

With that said the device has live up to the hype for me. I've been spending most of my time playing Bloodstained ritual of the night(99hrs) it's not a demanding game but it runs @120fps 1080p w/15w profile
Crysis (2hrs) - Does it run Crysis? yes, it does @720p w/ shadows Med and raytracing off - 62fps with the latest update.

Max Payne 3(6hrs) - everything on high | 15w - 720p 70fps | 30w - 720p 90~120fps / 1080p - 30~60 fps.It's the most frustrating game I ever played.I died hundreds of times every 2-3mins. It's a miracle I got pass 3 chapters.
Soul Caliber VI - Tiitties bouncing fluidly @1080 60 - 30w. 15w is doable @720p. Settings are on high.

I loaded up a few other games to see it runs.
Final Fantasy XV - I was at the begin of the game - the gas station. The game was running a solid 60+ fps w/ average settings 720p - 30w
Hellblade - It ran like a slide show with default settings. I got it to run at 90fps with FSR, raytracing off and view distance med, everything set to high @720p - 30w turbo.
Resident evil 2 remake - The game run at 60~70fps @1080p out of the box.

If you have any question ask away.
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