REQ: win xp driver for Rage 2c


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hi . i need a display driver for xp that will support directX. the driver included in xp does not support this and the only drivers i have beeen able to find are for win 98 and nt4. ideally i would change the card to something more recent, i have a perfectly god 9200 lying around. but its a computer at work so that is not an option. if there are no xp drivers available, is there a way to install 98 drivers in xp? thanks in advance. the card is AGP if that helps and its genuine ATI.
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i downloaded NT4_RPRO_5_1_129_CS.exe Windows NT 4.0 Display Driver for ATI Rage PRO. i had to install them using add new hardware, dont know if that was the rigth procedure. they did install but they still did not support directx, should i try win98drivers instead?