Remote Wonder, X10 Remote - are they really the same???


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Now I know the subject of the Remote Wonder / X10 remote (packaged with the MP3/DVD/Entertainment Anywhere) comparisons has been discussed before, but it seems like all the posts I read are only skin deep. What I'd like to know is how the X10 remote transmits both RF AND IR signals to be able to control a PC AND A/V equipment. Also, if these remotes have the same "guts" within in each of them, then wouldn't it be logical to think that the Remote Wonder could possibly control more than just a PC (directly)? How would one go about programming the different A/V equipment IR codes into the RW? For example, if I had a JVC VCR, I could look up the code for it in the X10 manual & then enter it into the X10 remote & voila - I can now control my VCR AND my PC with the X10 remote. The same goes for my stereo, TV, & cable box.

I would rather use the Remote Wonder to be able to achieve this remote nirvana since the button codes for the ATi MMC are already programmed into the driver. It seems like there are two possibilities to be able to achieve my goal.

1) Program a plugin to utilize the IR commands of the Remote Wonder (if indeed this remote is the same as the X10 remote). Also, since I have the X10 remote, I can experiment with it to see if it will work with the RW USB RF receiver & if so, if the corresponding buttons function the same as the RW.

2) Use a software/hardware package to be able to transmit IR signals from my PC using the RW's RF commands. I know that X10 has the Active Home kit, but I couldn't seem to find the exact unit that performs the IR relay. There must be some other similar solutions out there, no?

Well, at this point you are either laughing your ass off because all the stuff I mentioned is impossible or you are raising your pinky to your face ala Dr. Evil in the realization that you may be able to rule the world with your solitary Remote Wonder. Either way, I figured it would be nice to raise these points since I have not found any of them mentioned previously. I'll let you all know what I find in my own X10/RW research. Let me know what you all think about what I mentioned. If it is possible to rule the world with my RW, I certainly would like to lay out the plans to do so ;-)

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I haven't taken a look at the X10 remote, but for what you're asking/talking about, I'm pretty sure it's not possible.

The Remote wonder doesn't utilize IR, it only uses RF... they're not even close to each other in terms of what they actually are. An IR remote, such as comes with a tv, or vcr, sends out a stream of infrared radiation. It's a point to point system, and doesn't use the same kind of technology at all. RF remotes, such as the remote wonder, uses radio waves to transmit the data, which is why you don't have to point it at the reciever... it's essentially a small radio. But unless the Remote Wonder has a RF transmitter in it, which if it does, it's very well hidden... what you want to do isn't possible with the Wonder... at least, not in that particular manner.

There might be some other way you could do it, by controlling it all through the computer, but I haven't the first clue as far as that goes. If you were going to do it that way, with something that transmits IR from your computer, you have to remember that it has to be point to point, and usually within a rather short range, so you'd need all your A/V equipment pretty near your computer.
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Sorry about the delay in replying. Here's what I found when I played around with my X10 Mouse Remote:

Not much...that's because I think my Mouse Remote is broken. I put some fresh batteries into the Mouse Remote, but I could not get it to work with the ATi USB RF receiver. The reason I think it is broken is because the manual for it states that the red light on the remote should light up when any button is pressed & I could not get the darn thing to light up at all. So, it wasn't much of an experiment, but if someone else has an X10 Mouse Remote & an ATi Remote Wonder, please try the X10 remote with the RW's USB receiver to see if you can control any aspect of your PC with it.

@SilverFaux: I'm not sure if you read my post correctly of if you're not clear about the capabilities of the X10 Mouse Remote. Or, maybe I'm the one who's not clear...I dunno. The X10 Mouse Remote IS an RF remote just like the Remote Wonder. You can go to X10's web site & check it out for yourself. The cool thing about the X10 remote is that it is advertised as being able to transmit IR signals to your home A/V equipment as well. So how can the X10 remote do this? I've never heard of any other remote having both IR & RF capabilities. I made the following hypotheses in my original post:

1) The X10 Mouse Remote should be able to work with the ATi USB RF receiver since the remote is capable of sending out RF signals.
2) Since the RW was made by X10 (or their OEMs), the RW might be capable of sending IR signals (just like the X10 Mouse Remote) to home A/V equipment.

Now, #2 seemed like a jump, but a jump based on some logic. I thought for sure that my first hypothesis would work, but since my X10 remote seems dead, I could not verify this.

Please...if anyone can support OR disprove my theories, I would love to hear about it!

Well, I don't know about whether the X10 could work with the RF reciever with RW or not.. but I do know that the RW isn't capable of outputting IR signals... If you look at the front of RW and any IR remote side by side, you're going to notice it's missing any kind of an emitter. There would need to be something there for it to shoot out IR.

edit: And just as a sidenote, if I'm not entirely mistaken, x10 isn't a company, it's the protocol/format for home RF devices...
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