Remote Wonder won't speak up (unmute)


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I've installed a remote wonder, part of an Radeon 8500DV package. The MMC version is 7.5. (I don't see where to determine the version of the Remote Wonder software, other than the version number on the atix10.exe file.)

The remote is working fine except for getting out of a mute. Press mute once and the sound mutes properly. However press mute again (or volume up) and the system stays muted.

Is anyone else having problems with mute/unmute?

It might be related to the sound system, which is an Asus A7N8x (nforce2 -based board).
don't have any solutions, but to determine the version of the remote wonder software, you just have to open it (in the tray system) and if you see a "plugins" tab, then it's version 1.2, otherwise it could be version 1.0 or version 1.1
I don't have a "Plugin" tab. The version on the atix10 file is 1.0.

Does the mute button function as a toggle (push on, push off)?
try upgrading to version 1.2 and tell us if the problem remains....

mute button just calls the windows function "mute".