Remote Wonder under Vista 64-bit HOWTO


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Since ATI has no 64-bit drivers for you, you can use these generic X10 drivers with your remote. Install them first then install the ATI app and simply ignore the errors it gives you, the app works fine.

These drivers are for Windows XP x64 Edition but work in Vista.

Now you can use the spiffy new media center with your remote. Not tested on Remote Wonder II.
This isn't seeming to work for me. Can you provide some more details? I installed the driver, that went fine. I then installed the ATI remote software which got 2 errors after reboot. I manually ran the ATI remote software from the start menu and still the remote doesn't work. I have a "remote wonder plus". Maybe that has somethign to do with it?
wooohooo now I got it working. I'm not sure if I had to but I registered the x10net dlls using regsvr32 from a command prompt and now it works. Maybe it was working before and I'm just dumb? Thanks page_fault!!!!!!!
This solution worked perfectly for Windows Vista x64. However it doesn't work for Windows 7 (no drivers are detected). Is there any way to make Remote Wonder Plus work on Windows 7 x64?