Remote Wonder starts up like a Chrysler


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I've had only one problem w/ my AIW8500DV.
The remote wonder doesn't start on the first load and I have to close it and try it again.
I usually takes off on the third or fourth try.
Has anyone else run into the situation?? If so, how did you resolve it.

System Specs:
Intel 845 chipset
Intel P4 2.0 GHz
1.0 GB of DDR memory
Creative SB Audigy Platinum
possible fix

possible fix

I had a similar issue with mine. I also had a problem with really choppy remote mouse movement. I use a soyo dragon plus on this machine and it has 3 seperate USB controllers and each one has multiple outputs. I had my wireless mouse on my main usb (the one everyone uses in the back of the computer) and I also had the remote wonder rf reciever on that controller/area/whatever the hell the proper term is. I moved the remote wonder to my usb 3 location (in the front of my computer) and voila.. smooth mouse movement and no ford escort style starting. It seems either my remote wonder or the my mouse is selfish when it comes to sharing usb resources. Might want to try something similar if your board allows.