Remote Wonder Range


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What kind of range are you gettnig with your remote wonder?

Mine sucks... I've got one big room (I live in a loft), with my PC upstairs and my TV downstairs. I can't control the PC while sitting at the TV which is maybe 75 unobstructed feet away.
Well, I get about 30-40 ft away... I can't find my installation manual, and it doesn't seem to say anywhere on the ATI website, but if I remember correctly, you're only supposed to get something like 40 ft maximum. Like I said, I don't remember what the max actually is, but considering it's only running off of 4 AA batteries, you can't really expect it to transmit very far. It probably only outputs a half watt of RF energy, if even that.
The Remote Wonder is designed to work away 30 ft. maximum. For sure, this distance can be different according to your own environment.
Your cordless mouse and keyboard work 75 ft away? Are you sure that your system of measurement is the same as everyone else's? :) I would have to say that sounds like an impossibility, but if they actually work that far, I'm amazed... You don't have a repeater station or anything, do you? :)
idunno... it's a guestimate, probably optimistic... let's see...

12' up and about 30' away...

(12'^2+30'^2)^0.5 = 32'

;) yep, ok, about 2x optimistic, but at any rate, the keyboard/mouse both work at that distance and my remote wonder doesn't :(
I don't know what to tell you... how far away can you get it to work? If you can't get it to work very far at all, there might something wrong with the remote or the reciever.
actually, i'm so impressed with the range of the logitech cordless freedom, it's not such a big deal... i thought the remote wonder would have way better range because it's designed for this sort of thing wheras i thought the wireless kb and mouse was just designed to eliminate cabling mess, not for range... since i can use my keyboard and mouse in front of the tv, that's way better anyway.