Remote Wonder Range Tips

other solution to range problems

other solution to range problems

I humbly offer another solution to anyone having problems with the range of their RemoteWonder.

Move to Manhattan--you won't be able to afford an apartment big enough to have the range of their remote wonder matter.
good idea. one problem. i dont have a case splitter and im not sure how i should wedge this thing open without damaging it...

how do i do it?
k nm i got it open (with some slight damage to the sides, using a butter knife)

i tried your way and it didnt gave me terrible reception... what i did was i took the antenna and wrapped it in a circle as many times as possible (seeing that it is a radio antenna it made sense), and that gave me the best reception... now it works better than it did before, no matter which angle i point it in, thx bro!
Attach a USB Extension Cable

Attach a USB Extension Cable

To maximize your range, attach a USB extension cable to the Remote Wonder receiver, so you can mount it far from the computer. Practically any computer store or office supply store would sell these USB extension cables. They sell for around the same price as a standard USB cable, but they have a male and female plug on them.

The reason you have a limited range is because your computer causes RF interference when the Remote USB Receiver is too close to the computer.

I attached a 10' USB extension cable ... and it makes a HUGE difference in the range of my remote.

I can now use my remote from over 40 feet away ... even through several walls.
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