Remote Wonder Question


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I have a simple question about the remote wonder that came with my 9600 pro AIW. Can the remote be used in a computer that does not have ati software? I just want to use the remote only. I have tried to install the drivers just for the remote wonder but the remote does not seem to work. Does anyone know if that is possible? Thanks for your help.
In theory, it should indeed work, but you may have to install MMC as well as there are some subcomponents the MMC install also handles.
I also have a 9600 AIW Pro, and it doesn't work for me either. I've formatted a few times since I've gotten the computer, but it's never worked... I have the Multimedia Center installed, and drivers for it, but when I plug it in, it doesn't recognize the device. It shows up in the Device Manager as an unknown device, ATI Remote Wonder Controller is listed, but I guess it doesn't recognize that's what it is. I've tried installing the x10 drivers, but that hasn't changed anything. Any advice would be helpful..