Remote Wonder Plus (RW+) not working...


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i recently purchased the HDTV Wonder from a Best Buy here in Los Angeles --and after installing (and then fiddling with for several days) have yet to get the RW+ to function correctly...

-the power button always works(yay!)
-the "ATI" button, directional/pointer control button along with the left and right mouse buttons will work only when NO MMC app(ex. DTV) is open
-the rest of the buttons (channel, volume buttons, etc) never work, period.

so i can press the "ATI" button, have EasyLook launch, select DTV, and then watch as DTV launches and the RW+ then stops working!

what's more frustrating is the ATI support website has no driver specifically available to the RW+... only drivers for the RW and RWII... and the drivers on the CD don't seem to be for the RW+? (right-click RW app in task bar >about >ATI Remote Wonder, Version 3.0... though the "Set Remote ID" contains info/pic for RW+...confusing?)

and if i install the new software for the Remote Wonder products (3.01) --the RW+ completely stops working and the start-up app won't appear anymore!

btw, i'm using MMC 9.06.1 w/the latest drivers...

Remote Wonder Plus
"The New ATI Special-edition remote that is especially ignored!"
There is a longer thread here on the Remote Wonder Plus - look farther down in history on this forum. Consider yourself lucky - I have two of them and neither one works at all - at least you got partial functionality.

May I ask what operating system you are using ? I am using XP Pro SP2 and have no luck no matter what.
my OS is WinXP pro SP2 as well... and yes, i noticed the other threads as well... my strategy is too flood the board with the same, common problem so hopefully ATI or someone will take notice...

it's weird how it completely doesn't work on your system and it partially works on mine.... are we using the same drivers? i installed the drivers that came on the CD...

cd drive:\install\checkver.exe says:

ATI Remote Wonder Remote 3.00 0501052100 cd04
Submit a Ticket to ATI if you want things fixed...

Submit a Ticket to ATI if you want things fixed...

The Remote Wonder (not 2 and not Plus) that came with my ATI HDTV Wonder package was defective right out of the box. Went through ATI's RMA procedure and 15 days after I mailed the defective unit back to them the repaired (or refurbished) Remote Wonder and receiver unit they sent back works just fine.

A person claiming to be with ATI, who has posted at Rage3D and the AVS forum, says he's occasionally monitoring theses forums. However, I don't believe it. The reason... starting with ATI's release of their 9.03 code many of us began experiencing the dreaded "blackout bug". It's been discussed extensively on both fourms. My assumption was that this ATI Rep would take this information back to their software department and they would beging working on it. After 5 months and 4 additional software releases the blackout bug remains. I decided to "Submit a Ticket" to ATI regarding this bug. ATI wrote back claiming that they had never been made aware of this issue. How is that possible if they are monitoring these forums? Obviously they are not.

Submit a Ticket to ATI if you want some action to occur.