Remote Wonder Not Working HELP! PLEASE!


New member mad as to why ATI and Windows arent working together, ATI should really do something about this... Ok so let me show you my case about how my remote wonder isnt working and i have done everything!

So i bought TV Wonder Pro: Remote Control Edition and the software i got from it was MMC 8.3 i think and Remote Wonder 1.4 and when i first installed everything, it worked PERFECT! and then came when i had to update my software, so i updated my RW to 3.0 without uninstalling and came across some issues about not registring so im like WTH? so i downloaded the X drivers and nothing... so i uninstalled it all and this...
First Installed MMC 9.08...and TV worked fine...
THEN this is waht i did, reading at the sticky on the thread

1) Uninstalled and deleted all the X10 drivers and realted files so anything with X10*
2) Unpluged Reciver
3)Installed the Latest RW which is 3.02 From the ATI site AND RESTARTED
4) did an alt+ctrl+del and terminate ATIRW.EXE
5)Plugged in the reciever and restarted, NO LUCK!!!! ARGGGG!!!!! so second method
THen this is waht i did
1) installed the X10 Drivers from the site
2) Restarted
3)Windows saIID somewhere between these steps that it has installed and found 'X10 USB Wireless Tranciever (NO LUCK)
4)LOADED the remote wonder app and DISABLED load on startup, as well as make sure that no instances of rw.exe load during window's warm up cycles...
5) Restarted and opened it manually and NO LUCK and NO ICON In the TASKBAR!
The only time that icon came when i first installed the software straight from the CD now i dont know waht to do..... please help me!