Remote Wonder - NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK - ceased production in USA / Canada ?


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Ok after seeing that Ati had finally fixed their Software for this thing I thought I would purchase it to replace my ageing Serial/ IR remote.

I Did a search in Yahoo and found about the only place in the UK selling this item:

At a hefty price of £35 I still bit the bullet.

Ok so I ordered it a the weekend.

I Got this Email in reply..

Dear Valued customer

We thank-you for choosing to purchase from , however it is with great disappointment that I have to inform you that we will not be able to supply you with the Remote Wonder as ATI now have ceased production on this hardware. I personally have been in contact with ATI in Canada and the US to try and at least get enough stock to fulfil our outstanding orders but to no avail. This situation is very upsetting to me because It does not show our website in a very good light and could potentially harm future sales, however it totally out of my control and I have no other choice but to refund you in full.

I apologise once again for any inconvenience caused and hope this doesn’t put you off shopping with us again.

Kind Regards

Richard Clark

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So whats this all about ?.. I always suspected the X10 people would put pressure on ATI to NOT sell this item outside the US , but In this email it says they are ceasing production.. what gives ?
I think they guy doesn't know what he is talking about. The remote wonder is a new product and I highly doubt they have ceased production on it. Sounds like some sort of other mix up. Maybe Stephen has something to say about this? I doesn't make any logical sense at all too me.
Quoed from the link :

I'm pretty sure that they know it is a new product.. But again I suspect Foul play by X10..

Anyone like to comment on this ?

TechTV - February 28, 2002
"An impressive addition to the latest AiW models is ATI's RF remote control. This comfortable remote allows full control of TV, DVD, and recording options. The remote features six programmable buttons in addition to an 8-way directional pad that provides mouse pointer control from afar. ATI's RF remote spoiled us with its impressive range and control options. In our lab environment, we found the remote worked perfectly from over 20 feet away. We are still waiting to see if ATI will begin offering its RF remote as a stand-alone product."

CNET - CNET, February 20, 2002
"The RF remote is especially cool, as it frees you from the line-of-sight shackles of infrared-based remotes." - February 19, 2002
"The remote control is -- dare I say it -- wicked cool."

Source Magazine - February 19, 2002
"The remote control finally makes the AIW at home in an entertainment center, bestowing you with full control over TV, DVD and other functions. It even emulates a mouse for Windows desktop control." - January 30, 2002
"The remote is remarkably flexible and easy to use, with an extremely long range and the ability to control a variety of multimedia functions and even desktop controls with only one device. Users can control the mouse pointer by default using the onboard D-pad and clearly labeled buttons select right-and-left clicks. ATI also ships the remote with batteries-a nice addition, since most manufacturers don't bother to include them."

I AM NOT A - February 13, 2002
"The Remote control is a great add on, and the fact that it is RF instead of infra-red makes it even better..."

AMD - January 24, 2002
"My favorite feature is the remote. With the ability to control every mouse based function with a remote, I may never get out of bed again, heh heh."

So where in the UK can you purchase it from ?

So where in the UK can you purchase it from ?

I see from your link that :

ATI's Accessory/CD pricing information

The cost of shipping, handling and licensing of ATI's Accessories/CD is US$10.00, plus 21% Sales Tax, (total of US$12.10) payable by VISA and MASTERCARD cards only. Please note that ATI cannot be held liable for import duty or local taxes in your country.

I accept the above mentioned pricing information and agree to the charges

I do not wish to pay Additional import duty on top of this ridiculous price already..

$49.99 + $10 + $12.10 ($71) + Import duty..

that works out at £47 + Import duty..

Where can I buy this direct from the UK ?

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but you should not have to pay state/provincial sales taxes if the item is leaving the country.

Infact, as a British Citizen, even if you'd come over to Canada personally to buy the thing, you are still exempt from or can claim back Sales Tax as long as the item is leaving the country.
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Re: So where in the UK can you purchase it from ?

Re: So where in the UK can you purchase it from ?

Gregory_Marsh said:
Where can I buy this direct from the UK ?

You can't, that's the problem - I'd love a company to prove me wrong but alas I couldn't find one here. I ended up buying one from France at an *all-up* cost of €42. Have a look at this thread if you haven't already: