Remote Wonder II Workaround


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It's kind of crazy, but it's been working for two days now without issue.

First- Install the Remote Wonder II software 2.3 available on the ATI website. Driver Link

Don't restart when it prompts you to, and instead copy the folder that install has created which in XP by default will be at:
C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia\RemCtrl
You want to copy the entire RemCtrl to another location because you will need the driver files.

Now uninstall the 2.3 Remote Wonder II software. Don't re-start.

Go into Device Manager, and under USB Devices you'll see your yellowed out non-functional Remote Wonder. Uninstall it. It may be there more than once if you've been on an install/uninstall rampage like I was.

Re-start. Windows will detect the device and attempt to install the drivers. It will ask for several driver files which will be located in that RemCtrl directory you saved earlier. You should get the message that your device is ready to use. It won't be ready, because the software is not installed yet.

At this point, you need to install the 2.0 Remote Wonder II software which is on the All In Wonder CD. Go ahead and re-start.

You should be up and running now, with the icon in the taskbar and all remote functions working.