Remote Wonder II repeat delay TOO FAST


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since ive replaced my RW1 with the 2, ive noticed the repeat delay is very very fast. doing stuff like going through menus in myhtpc registers often as two presses instead of one press, as if im holding down the button too long. ive tried changing the remote id, that doesnt help. anyone know of a way to lower the repeat delay? any settings in the registry? any help is much appreciated.
Does anybody have an answer to this? The original post is almost 2 years exactly. I am having the same problem.

RWII's directional pad registers a press as two presses. It repeats too fast. I have to go in circles in order to select the album I actually want to play as if I was playing a brain teaser.

I tried Key Master, but it seems like it doesn't support RWII. I am using the 3.03 drivers.
I have all three styles of remotes and like the RW+ the best. It is lighter, smaller and has thebenefit of the TV2 and ATI buttons. I use the v3.03 drivers with the RW+ and the 3.00 drivers with the RWI

That said, I use version 3.02 with the RWII and need to be very careful and still it double presses. The 3.03 driver seemed to make it worse and was completely unusable with XP Media Center. I relegated the RWII to the bedroom PC/TV which only does playback of recorded programs over the home LAN.

Unfortunately, I can really only symapthise with you, and recommend you go back to using the RWI
Yes, you are right, RWI seems to work a whole lot better. I have gone back to using RWI, but I noticed the go back button on the RWI (the X) also double presses. At least I can navigate around MCE though.
So there is no solution to this problem then? So not everyone have this problem? If that was the case I cant understand anyone who actually used their ARWII. It is incredibly irritating at times, when you want the epg for example since it doubletaps the epg just flashes by. Instead you have to hold the button and then release it and hope for the best.

Is this problem non existing on the Plus, Ill order one asap if thats the case. And Im guessing the whole, plugin not starting at startup problem is not on the Plus either.
The RWII is unusable. How RWII got out the door beats me. I went ahead and downgraded to the original RW which works fine except that it also double taps (or repeats) the go back button; the other buttons on the remote work fine.

I disabled the ATIRW startup program and replaced it with the RW Keymaster/factory combo. After some tweaking and reassigning some buttons, RW works like a champ. No double taps at all. Using Keymaster, I was able to make some buttons that should repeat, like the navigation buttons, work without becoming overly sensitive.

Now, if I can fix the double tap/repeat problem on the original RW with the use of a different program, this makes me believe that the problem might be with ATI's program/driver. I hope ATI will fix the problem, and not drop it just because they have a newer and better model out.

The RWII was supposed to be better than the original RW, but this goes to show that newer isn't always better.
Just chiming in to say that I too have experienced this from the rw2.

Now im semi happily using the rw plus, but I easily notice the lack of range.

Well, Im not sure this problem really lies with ATI. The theatertek plugin for example works flawlessly and no double taps. The program Im having trouble with is Mytheatre.
This behavior is not necessarily a bad thing in all cases. Plugins can take advantage of this faster repeat rate. The problem is that most don't take it into account.

I've made such a plugin that took this into account:
A better way would be to do it based on the amount of time rather than the number of times the signal is sent, but it is still effective.