Remote Wonder II problem


Shoey Peachew

After installing the RW software, I've been having this problem for a while now and searched for an answer but haven't found one. Anyone know what's going on?
Which ones?

Which ones?

I've had this same problem since buying my x800xt, this unit has just never worked properly. I've followed all the steps, my device manager shows the correct devices and indicates that they're working properly. I've installed with the exact errors you have above, then repaired. I've got .dll files in the install dir as well as the multi-language version of the install package. If i run the program shortcut 2x I see the RWII setup window. I have yet to see an icon in my tray however. Spent about 6 hours running through the sticky instructions to no avail. I'll try it again today... What steps did you take to finally get it working? :confused: