Remote Wonder II Not Working...


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Hi guys,

This is my 10th time to try to install my new ATI Remote Wonder II onto my PC. I'm not having any luck, please help me!

I've installed the drivers fromt the original ATI CD. I then restarted my PC and inserted the USB receiver to the PC. Upon restart I got the usual notes that Windows has found a new hardware and it continued to install the drivers. My RF module has a little red light glowing from within - and it appears to respond to my pressing the remote buttons.

However, I cannot use the remote!??!?

I checked my "Device Manager" and have noticed that the drivers haven't installed properly. I have 3 yellow exclamation marks (!) under the USB controller section. They are:

ATI Remote Wonder Controller
ATI Remote Wonder II Input Device
ATI Remote Wonder II Pointing Device

Hence I tried to download the latest drivers from the ATI website and installed this without any luck.

How can I get around this problem?

Thank you in advance,

FYI/SYSTEM: P4 1.6Ghz, 256RAM, Windows XP MCE 2004, ATI All-In-Wonder 9600Pro
Here's what i did when i got mine.

- Uninstalled old drivers.
- installed remote drivers from cd.
- rebooted and plugged in usb after windows 2000 finished booting (didn't work)
- rebooted again with usb plugged in and worked after reboot.

hope that helps
Got an answer today from ATI:

Regarding your issue:

The RW 2 does not come with a disk. You must use the disc that came with your All In Wonder 9600 Pro. (AIW 9600 Pro DVD + MMC 8.5 CD) The number on the CD will read 180-V01071-200. If you do not have this CD you can purchase it on our online store or by calling the sales Dept at 877-284-7379.


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