Remote Wonder II help


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I have a remote wonder II and when I install it the remote doesn't work.

The first time I installed it the remote functioned but was causing errors so I installed the newer drivers went from 2.3-->3.2( I did uninstall use driver cleaner and revert to 2.3 to avail) Thereafter the remote would not function again.

The receiver's little red light flashes when I press a key so it realizes that there is a transmission, but nothing happens.

Any ideas on this?

The errors it caused was that WinTV would no longer load. It seemed like there was a resource conflict or something b/c when I clicked on WinTV the splash screen pops up and then it waits. At that time I cannot access the remote wonder control panel.

The control Panel did load when I started windows and I could access if I was not trying to start winTV.

Any ideas? Some way to rectify this easily? I am trying to get ATI to help as well but who knows what will happen.
If the receiver is blinking when you hit keys on the remote AND you have a remote wonder icon in the systray, it's likely one of two things:
1) Your RW software is configured for the wrong ID. Right-click the RW icon in the systray and check it's set to "Listen for all RW" for a test.

2) Device initialization failed on boot. The only way to rectify this is to uninstall the 3.0.2's from Control Panel-> Add/Remove Program files.. yank the transceiver from the USB port.. reboot safe mode/driver cleaner pro + Remote Wonder drivers. Reboot back into normal mode, re-installing the 3.0.2's.. do a shutdown (power off), re-attach the transceiver and power up. Be patient with boot until everything is settled (i.e. dont touch anything for like 1-2 mins on reboot).. then perform a restart again.
By the way I just wanted to thank you for your help.

Unfortunately it was not sucessful, but I am getting a new hard drive this saturday (300gb) and will be swapping and reinstalling windows so I have just left things for now and will attempt to fix them again when I install it next time.

One question though, does it require .NET be installed?
.NET is only necessary if you wish to install the version of the Catalyst (display + 3d drivers) that include the CCC- Catalyst Control Center.

If you install the normal, CP/Control Panel version, .NET is no longer necessary.