Remote Wonder crashes after coming out of standby-Need Help!


New member
Hello. I am a new member, short time lurker. I'm in need of some advanced tech support.
I have an ATI 9000 All-in-wonder Pro factory installed in a Dell Demension 8300, running Windows XP home. I have an external HD cable box feeding the S-video input, and audio L+R. Then I have a sound blaster Audigy 2 Platinum sound card (not factory), the sound comes out of the computer thru the optical digital output over to my home theater receiver. I have the Remote Wonder 1 also.
I recently upgraded the software for all the ATI stuff to the newest versions. I have got a problem that I can't figure out, neither can ATI.
~ After playing the registry and downloading X10 drivers for the remote I finnally got it to work, problem is when the computer comes out of standby the remote's software crashes. An error message comes up and it fails to work again, until I restart the computer or log into some elses account.
Please help, I'm out of options. no one other video forums knows, and ATI has no clue why it doesn't work.:confused: