Remote Wonder and All-in-Wonder Pro - Problem


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On the ATI website the Remote Wonder FAQ states
that the ATI multimedia software cannot be
controlled with the remote if you have the
All in Wonder Pro card. Nice way to take care of your customers ATI. Thousands of people bought these
cards and ATI thinks they shouldn't be supported ??
Nice example of customer service and provides me
with the incentive to never buy anything ATI again!
I contacted ATI last week, I have gotten a Remote Wonder from a friend that hated it. I wanted to know if I could use the remote. I told them that I had a AIW Rage Pro128 card and one guy said that I could and one girl said nope.

The guy explained that if you go onto their ftp site and download the 7.5 or 7.6 MMC and the drivers and program for the remote wonder that it would work.

It worked great. Subsequently I upgraded to the Radeon 7500 but it did indeed work after a little prodding. I have not noticed any difference in performace after upgrading to the 7500 either. It seems that it is just the MMC that allows for the remote to work.

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In ordert to move forward with the product line ATI must say "that's it - no more" to older products. The All In Wonder Pro is a very old card now and entered this state some time ago.

ATI has posted a "final supported version" of MMC for this card, I believe it is MMC 7.2. This means that we no longer test MMC on these older cards, it does not mean that future versions of MMC will not work.... just that we do not support such combinations.

Now the remote is a very new product. It requires version 7.6 of MMC in order to fully control the product. For MMC 7.2 "some stuff" will work, I don't really know everything that will and won't work, Its not something we tested.

So -

On the All In Wonder Pro the remote will work with some limited functionality. Another thing you can try is downloading MMC 7.6 and running it on your All In Wonder Pro - AT YOU OWN RISK - The Remote works fine with 7.6 and 7.6 will likely work okay with your AIW Pro.

None of these combinations are officially supported, but they quite likely work fine.

Good luck

Stephen Orr