Remote Wonder 3.03 is out along with MMC 9.13.

Thanks noodle!

I have a question for others upgrading their RW-software/drivers..

Even after the 3.02 and 3.03 RW-II software... the devices in the device manager still show old, crusty, 2003 dated driver files. Is this the case for everyone? I'm guessing the newer bundles are still using the crusty, old, RW device drivers and crusty old WinDriver version... but updating the RemCtrl software application...
gulikoza said:
Did they fix the annoying random crashes of 3.02?
Nope just happened to me a few minutes ago, really pisses me off. Using MCE05 the new remote driver is sweet but crashes for no reason....ATI one day you might just figure out WTF your doing!!!
Usually my icon craps out after about a couple days and then it's not detected
right any more, or at best a re-plug in fixes it but so far so good with this .03
and I'll see how it goes and stays solid. Using MMC 9.08 btw. I've also been doing a bunch of formats lately so my installs are super clean right now, that
always helps too..
My remote wonder II does not work anymore with the new drivers and I can't use the older drivers with 9.13.

Any known issues that I should be looking out for?
My remote wonder II is still staying in the tray and functional so I be happy, prolly never upgrade my ATI stuff again, least not with this card anyway. Using MMC 9.08, rw 3.03, Cat 5.11 w/cp (6246 wdm), Guideplus .53
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I don't know if this has happend to others but when I installed the new MMC, when I went into add/remove and even when I opened MMC it still said 9.08 so I had to uninstall 9.08 and reinstall 9.13..which I don't like and went back but..the point is maybe the old version needs to be removed before the new version can be put in just a thought.
737-21592: Recordings scheduled with GUIDE Plus+ do not record

737-21592: Recordings scheduled with GUIDE Plus+ do not record

737-21592: Recordings scheduled with GUIDE Plus+ do not record Search for the following on the ATI website, just the article number should work. Nice to know that they can confirm their product indeed sucks and 11 days after announcing they confirmed the problem they still can't fix it. I am hoping to be impressed by a proven fix within the month, but I am pretty sure ATI should be able to get something out for sure by July....2010.

Let's all try NVidia or Hauppauge and hope the Canadian ATI people can come up with something better to actually compete someday later.

737-21592: Recordings scheduled with GUIDE Plus+ do not record