Remote Wonder 2 Plugin


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I was wondering if there is a way to create my own plugin. I have both the Remote Wonder 1 and 2. What I would like to do is to control most, if not all, the buttons on my RW2.

I heard about Girder, but is there anything else that would work?

There are many different applications to controll the original Remote Wonder, but I am not aware of any for the Remote Wonder II. This site stays pretty up to date on most new applications and plug-ins for controlling ATI's Remote Wonders. I currently use the UICE program listed on the above page for my Remote Wonder, but am not sure if it currently supports the Remote Wonder II. It is really functional (Allows use of every button) and easy to use with any application as it allowins you to select from all common actions within a menu and make them into a plug-in with no programming experience. It costs $20 after 30 days but I thought it was worth it. Give it a try and see if it works! :)
Thanks for your help!

With the uICE program, does that mean I can make a plugin and allow the plugin to be listed under the current Remote Wonder plugins?

Also, does this program allow you to change what the main buttons do, like the DVD or TV buttons on the remote?

Last, how easy is it to use this program. Girder looks complicated when I tried using it.

UICE is not just a plug-in. It totally replaces the ATI software that is so bad. It already offers pre-setup plugings for most common applications (Almost every one I use a Remote for), that are either already in the program or downloadable free off the website. It is really VERY simple to make a plug-in for any program. Another big plus is that it has on screen display menus, and one of the options is a layout selector. For example you could set a certain layout to the a button and then setup what each button does in that layout. If you setup another layout to the b button then every key can do something completely different than what they did on the a layout. It is hard to explain, but you will never run out of buttons to run things since they can do different things under different layouts. You can use every key on the remote for anything you desire. When you open the program the first time it will lead you through the steps of getting things setup. It offers to much to explain, so just try out the trial version.
Cool, I'll try it today when I get home.

I'm curious about the ATI RW software. Should it still load when you startup windows or do you not even need it to load?

I can't remember 100%, but I am pretty sure this is correct you disable it at startup and leave it installed that should be it for the ATI software.