Remote Wonder 2 driver


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Does anybody have a copy of the original Remote wonder II drivers from the A-I-W 9600 Pro driver disk? I dont have the original driver disk and I contacted ATI but they want $20 ($10 disk, $10 shipping) to send me the driver disk. So I have a pretty nice paper weight until I can find a set of drivers.
Me Too

Me Too

I am in a similar boat. I actually have my 9600 pro disk but it is older version (180-V01052-100) and only has software/drivers for the original RW.

I heard on another discussion thread that it should be 180-V01071-200. I find it outrageous that ATI would not supply the necessary drivers with the hardware and ask for more money.

I am hoping that some kind soul will share the drivers. Thanks.

cbohn, if you find the drivers please let me know.