Remote Wonder 2 Does Have Built in IR Blaster Support!!


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Here is an excerpt from a review at:

Concluding Remarks
The RWII is a slight improvement over the original RWI by bringing key (needed) functions to the table. The option of having different modes (through the AUX 1-4 buttons) is really useful and makes it easier to operate the different ATI multimedia center programs. The base station has grown to be a bit large for my taste buds and now takes up space on my desk where it never used to. I have found out that the two jacks near the back of the unit are provided with future expansion in mind (they are meant to support an IR blaster device). The added range of the remote makes it great to use anywhere in your home, although I found that there were places even 5 feet away from the receiver that the remote wouldn’t work in. I found this very disappointing since the RWI worked fine until I got more than 20 ft away from the unit. I attributed this to other RF signals in and around my location. All in all, the RWII is an improved device that takes up more space on the desk and provides more of an excessive luxury rather than an essential component.

All in all I am very impressed with how the Remote Wonder 2 functions.
As soon as ATI gives us "Plug in" Support for an IR receiver, to learn remote control commands from nonstandard remotes, and "Plug in" support with a built in library of already learned IR commands for an IR blaster output, I then will be exceptionally happy. Then give us an upgrade to Guide Plus to support Satelite and Digital Cable reception!

Get er Done!
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I've often wondered what those extra two jacks are for, now I know. So this means for instance... I could control my cable box with my remote?