Remote receiver install problem


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Hi all,

Has anyone had any problems installing the USB remote receiver?

I have the Hercules version of the AIW 8500 which comes with the remote wonder, but I cannot get the receiver to be recognised by Win2k. It appears in the device manager with the old yellow !.

I have tried the following :-
Uninstalled and re-installed MMC
Download updates from ATI.
Updated mobo drivers from VIA.
Updated the BIOS.
Removed all other USB devices.
Formatted HD with a clean Win2k install.
Drank Stella, scoffed a pizza & went bed.
None of the above made any difference. (apart from the Stella)

Hercules tech support are as much use as wheels on a crooch!!!

Anyone got any ideas?
I had some difficulties also.

I remember that I has to browse the installation directory for the .inf file before I could install the driver correctly.

And, according to the documentation, remember to install the software first then the USB receiver.

If you are stuck at a sprecific point don't hesitate to ask.

make sure you don't have a directory "C:\Program Files\Ati" for some reason i had trouble with the remote and it would always open this folder right on start up and not start the remote service.

once i got rid of it, all was good.
Thanks for your replies, but still could not get working.

Sent it back to supplier who sent me another. Works OK.

Must have been faulty!