remote problems while watching TV


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When i clich the TV button on my remote wonder, it opens ATI TV from the media center like it should. However, while running TV there is no functionality of the remote. I have installed all the new drivers and latest versions of mediacenter and the remote software. Any suggestions would be great!

Are you running in desktop or Eazylook when the TV has no functionality from the remote.

Have you opened the remote properties (usulay from the systray icon) and checked you have it set to 'specific to currently active feature'
Hey I got the same problem too except the remote came with hdtv wonder and the tv button only turns on dtv and easyshare tv. I can only use the remote to turn on standard tv by going into easylook menu and picking tv, but when I do all functions on the remote pretty much cease to function in standard tv. It works for my dtv mode though. When I go into remote wonder software properties, the software only recognizes my dtv and not my standard tv so I can't disable/enable, or edit anything relating to standard tv. I can only set a letter programmable button to standard tv which only opens it and I gotta use my keyboard to type in the numbers or mouse to click