Record time problems.


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I recently assembled another system, installing an AIW 9600 card that I had from a previous system a while back. The card works beautifully - BUT - no surprise, there is a problem with the latest software from ATI. I didn't have my old AIW original install CD so I downloaded the latest version for this card from ATI. Overall, the software is a BIG improvement over what I have been used to from ATI - EXCEPT: The software will only record for 30 minutes - PERIOD!! Nothing less, nor nothing more, no matter how many times I change the desired record time. The menu for the record time shows that I increased the time; but yet the recording will stop at exactly 30 minutes, no matter what.

Anyone run into this - if so what is the solution....

Thanks for any assistance!

2 problems I'm aware of - 1) The most immediate problem is you might not be setting the recording duration -- something that didn't exist really in older versions of MMC. If I remember correctly you right click the recording button or you can set it in the MMC set-up where you choose format etc.

The 2nd problem may / may not occur for you -- non-Avivo AIWs like the 9600 don't work 100% with the latest versions of MMC. You can have frame sizing problems, & recording can start dropping frames to the point that capture is useless a bit before the 1/2 hour point. Using the PVR - recording everything so you can pause viewing etc - you can convert your pvr recordings to mpg2 using the MMC Library, & that seems to almost always work. Many folks simply went back to earlier versions of MMC - if you search // browse this forum you'll find some threads with recommendations as well as links if you can't find the older versions on ATI's site.
I uninstalled MMC twice and re-installed each time with the same result - the 30 minute recording time. I did set the recording duration in the MMC setup menu each time but no change in the limitation.

I suspect that you are correct in using an earlier version of MMC. I'm fairly sure that in the past I used version 9.1 with excellent sucess so will try to round up a copy.

Thanks for you taking the time to reply!



That was the answer. I haven't had an AIW in one of my systems for a while and previous versions of MMC that I used would require you to enter the record time, or default to whatever you had set in the setup box.

I really appreciate your providing the solution!

Thanks one more time!!!