Recommended program for watching DVDs?


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Have bought a few Simpsons DVD's and was wondering what you guys use because Windows 7 sure as **** ain't playing them! VLC neither.
It's strange it basically says the region is not supported. It doesn't make sense because I bought these from Not from a reseller on amazon but actual and I can't see why there would be some regional issue.

Here is the one I bought (along with seasons 2 to 10).

I can see there are two versions listed for sale and one says "NTSC, Import." Maybe that's the one you bought?
Nope bought the ntsc, it even says that I bought it, not the import.

maybe it has something to do with this?

Does VLC support DVDs from all regions?
This mostly depends on your DVD drive. Testing it is usually the quickest way to find out. The problem is that a lot of newer drives are RPC2 drives these days. Some of these drives don't allow raw access to the drive untill the drive firmware has done a regioncheck. VLC uses libdvdcss and it needs raw access to the DVD drive to crack the encryption key. So with those drives it is impossible to circumvent the region protection. (This goes for all software. You will need to flash your drives firmware, but sometimes there is no alternate firmware available for your drive). On other RPC2 drives that do allow raw access, it might take VLC a long time to crack the key. So just pop the disc in your drive and try it out, while you get a coffee. RPC1 drives should 'always' work regardless of the regioncode.

You can try running anydvd
and see if vlc plays the dvd. Anydvd has a 21 day trial I believe, but atleast you can rule out a few things.
I'll post when I get home tonight what it does. I may have to find an older DVD drive then which is annoying. Suggestions?