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Would it brick my Asus RX 6800XT reference if I flashed (force) with a not reference BIOS?

I see that my cards BIOS is this: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/230867/amd-rx6800xt-16384-201029

Whilst the "latest" would be one of these:

The difference would be higher W and other temps for fan.

I would also guess there's other differences in BIOS other than that stated, like microcode update or whatever?
Yeah, I did some cross brand flashing in my younger days. R200, R300 and R423. But haven't done much of that in the later years, besides the UEFI flash of Radeon VII.

Don't want to risk bricking my RDNA2 XD as it does not have dual BIOS chip. Also my MB does only have one PCIe port and it will be a hassle to do recovery if the versions are not interchangeable.

If I remember correctly a BIOS update had enhancements for the AA algorithm on one of the cards I updated in my time. So it could be there's some updates of the same sort on RDNA2? I don't expect massive improvements, but optimized enhancements? XD

Very conflicted about trying this out XD
I don't have the balls to risk that knowing it's impossible to replace right now.
True, but saving from bad flash is not that hard. As long as the flash "succeeds" you can always recover, if you have an extra slot and extra graphics card (or APU). Happened to my R200 one time, found an old ISA card to do the rescue with, and the R200 is still alive today =)

But, yeah, those balls. Do I have them? XD I'll ask my "wife" for the jar back perhaps.