Raytracing with Crysis RM on the 5700xt... not bad at all...


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Considering this is software based raytracing... bodes well for the tech in the new cards.
That is has a shader version of RayTracing that is this fast... is impressive. I really hope we see more hybrid solutions like this as a fall back when full H/W acceleration isn't available. Because it looks great and I want to see more RayTracing :)
I really thought it was a gimmick until I saw it in action. Youtube vids dont do it justice. We'll pay thru the nose for better RT in the next decade.
Yea I've been really really tempted to buy this just to look at the RT and the pretty graphics. But given how buggy it is, along with the game content being based on the inferior PS3/360 console versions has me skipping it for now.
I thought it was SVOGI, like in Kingdom Come Deliverance using Crytek engine.

It's both, this why it can run so well without dedicated rt hardware. Plus svogi is a type of RayTracing.