Ratchetsgame.com concept


The Tool
Yet another concept for Ratchetsgame.com (someday I'll actually use one of these designs). Check it out:

The design is pretty much done, and the backend code it about, ohh... 60% maybe.

The backend is pretty damn sweet so far. I created a script, for example, that lets me easily add components to the site (winamp skins, wallpapers, etc...). I supply the file (wsz or zip, in the case of a winamp skin) and a screenshot (jpg or png) and it does everything else including uplaoding the skin, setting up a download link, and creating a cropped image of the screenshot to act as a thumbnail preview. There's a news system, comments (which lets you post comments on anything in the site that's in the databse, and some things which aren't), full featured admin section, and an articles system which allows me to write multi-page articles (tutorials I plan on doing, mostly). It also supports "skins" to a certain extent (though I'm not sure if I'm going to put that in as a user feature or just leave it for my own purposes).
Everything is built off of 1 base template, with "nodes" and "subnodes" for the various sections which makes it easy to maintain. So far so good, the only problem I've run into yet is the realization that cleaning up the code is going to be a real time consuming bitch :)