Ram disk in Win 2K. A Spanner in the works.


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Damn. Now that I have this thing working, I find that I am still addicted to playing with it. Wife has left. Did I even have one? I forget.

With MOB memory starting to get so cheap, to the point (as an old boss of mine, 20 years ago said, "one day they will be giving it out in the Cornflake packages") that we may be able to use a RAM disk as a capture medium.

So, I tried it. Dual Pentium III 733, 384/133 SDRAM on a 133 Bus.

RAM disk?? Using a Win2K package, I devoted 190Mg to a RAM disk.
Using the default MMC7.1 BEST settings, my frame loss rate went UP, from 23% to 31%.

So, forget the disk drive speed as a factor - it seems to be memory speed, along with CPU speed, as the driving factors.

Also, I seem to remember that with earlier ATI drivers that I could get CPU usuage up to 90%+ - now, with 3132, I am averaging 45% at best. Seems like ATI fixed some of my problems by disabling dual processing.

Using WM encoder at 1500 Kbps to disk only, I get 93% CPU usuage, but jerky output. To the RAM disk, I get 97% average CPU. Even jerkier output.

So, bring on the P4 plus FAST Bus and memory.
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