Rajas final words

Has AMD named a replacement yet? I bet they sell RTG or it focuses on integrated only.
I'm still not a believer of the Church of Raja. He was at AMD for years. I don't care whether Vega was started before he got there or not, he still didn't manage to steer it in a good direction.

I'm not honestly convinced he's a big loss, nor that he'll be able to work miracles at Intel. But maybe I'm wrong.

Honestly ATi GPUs going to Intel and AMD CPUs to Nvidia might create a better competitive landscape. I'd probably be in the AMD/Nvidia camp though. Intel is a much bigger company.

In Raja's defence I think he had too small r&d budgets to work with... and maybe he thought they would stay small while the cpu division got the lions share of the new money coming in.

I also hope we arent stuck choosing between just the 2 entities if this happens. but can keep on using other companies gpus with anothers cpus. Id still grab a ryzen cpu if it gave me more cores for the money and a radeon gpu for price perf in my budget range.

One article talked about how we will soon buy Processing Units mainly meant for ai/ml for our gaming needs/wants. Instead of GPUs for gaming that are also used for ai. Basically telling us that gaming will become a subset for the gpu business instead of the main reason.
In Raja's defence I think he had too small r&d budgets to work with...
Then he is a bad manager you work as effectively as possible within your budget. Maybe Su pushed him to do too much, but by the looks it was Raja that shot for the moon and things had to be his way or see ya.
Interesting video on the whole saga.


Basically Raja left as Vega and Navi were done just as Keller was done with his project. Vega is starting to show its fine wine and Navi will beat nvidia to market with multi chip solution which both vendors are moving to.

Question remains whether they will use Infinity Fabric for navi as talked about or amd got a license for the new intel embed.

My take is Vega stayed pricey for so long not because of coin mining but pro sales and maybe yields. But they are selling just about every one they make so amd got back in the game even if pc game share of ~20% discrete didnt change much.