Rage3D will be offline 11/08/22 – ? for upgrade


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We are migrating the site to its new home. We will be offline for 24-48 hours.

Visit us on Discord for more information. Cheers!
If you haven’t joined the Rage3D Discord server and are interesting in doing so, you can find more information here.
IT LIVES....but for how long?
Im still assuming the process is not complete yet.

We’ve been told some features will take time, and a couple bugs to iron out…no surprise there. Great work by Dave/Lupine/JC
There's some options to change colors on layout/buttons/navigation but I'll wait for themes to be available as well.

On another note I noticed I have to log back in every time I come back to the site. Using Brave browser. Not sure what the actual login expiration timout is, but I'll look into more if it continues.