Rage3D Reviews: ATI Remote Wonder


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MrB spent some quality time with the Remote Wonder recently. Read up on his thoughts about it in the full review, and let him know what a nut he is in this thread. :)
"colour" hehe:D . Isn't the remote made by x10? it used to be called an x10 receiver in device manager before I updated to software version 1.1.
When the Remote Wonder doesn't cause your system to hang/blue-screen when entering/coming out of StandBy - then I'll buy one.

Actually, I want to get it bundled with a new card - so this driver bug is holding the purchase of the card as well.
dhc014 - yes it is made by X10

JasonQG - hmmmmm. but did you like it? they'll be one in the folding contest

RadeonTof - I had that in mind and completely forgot. I'll be updating the review in a week or so.

princi - the bug was fixed in version 1.1

if you are talking about this one

1) There is a bug in the remote software that blue screens Windows XP if you try to send the PC to standby mode. ATI's workaround is to turn off the remote software before going into standby - really useful.