Rage Pro turbo 8MB with Samsung 213T LCD


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Hi there,

I'm seeking some advices on a problem. I have an old All-In-Wonder Pro (Rage Pro Turbo AGP graphcis) and newly acquired Samsung 213T LCD. According to specs, both the video card and the LCD are supposed to support resolution up to 1600X1200 at 60Hz in analog mode.

I have no problem to run them at 1280x1024 resolution.

The problem came when I tried to run it at 1600x1200. Even though the computer can set the screen resolution to 1600x1200, but the LCD seems only get 1280x1024 signal. How do I know it? Because the LCD has an information screen to tell you the resolution it is currently running at.

The interesting thing is that you can move the mouse to the edges of the LCD to uncover more areas. As if the LCD is a smaller window over a bigger canvas, you can move the LCD to see more areas on the canvas.

I have asked Samsung support, they didn't offer much help. Can someone shed some light and point me in the right direction to fix this problem.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

BTW. The PC runs Windows XP Pro.
If your card is 4MB, it will not be able to do 1600*1200 @32 bit color. (I think - Cant remember the settings, and too lazy to work it out)
Reduce your resolution to 1600*1200 @16 bit color and see if this helps.
Also, ensure you have the inf for the monitor installed.
Sorry to bring up this three year old thread but I have almost the exact same problem. I'm running a laptop with a 3D Rage LT PRO AGP 2X with 8 MB memory in it, and recently bought a Samsung 204B LCD monitor with max resolution of 1600x1200. Until I get a new computer I would really like to be able to use the full resolution, extended desktop or not doesn't matter. Right now I have it up and running at 1280x1024@16 bit and the LCD of the laptop at 1024x768@16 bit in an extended desktop configuration. If I change to 1600x1200 the same thing happens as to the original poster, the resolution doesn't change but if you move the mouse around the edge of the screen it scrolls a bit to the side. Is there anyone that has gotten 1600x1200 to work on a similar or same graphics card? If it works on a desktop computer it should work on a laptop IF you find a way to disable the build-in screen, right?
Sorry to bring up a three year old thread, but I have almost the exact same problem.

I'm running a laptop with a 3D RAGE LT PRO AGP 2X with 8 MB of memory and Windows XP Pro. Drivers are the 5772 from Big Z:s site.

I recently bought a new LCD monitor, Samsung 204B which supports 1600x1200 resolution max. I would (of course) really like to use this resolution until I get a new computer but I can't get it to show more than 1280x1024. Right now I have it in an extended desktop configuration with my laptop LCD which is 1024x768. Both are set at 16 bit color.

If I try to change the resolution of the Samsung to 1600x1200(16 bit) the resolution stays at 1280x1024 but just as for the original poster, if I move the mouse around the edges of the screen it scrolls a bit to the side.

Has anyone gotten a similar or same graphics card to display 1600x1200 pixels? I don't care if i can't use my built-in laptop monitor as long as the Samsung works.
did you try using non listed modes? it is concievable that your drivers are not letting you use higher res or that it even misreads DCC (monitor supported resoulution and refresh rate list), 8Mb should be enough as 1600x1200 32-bit should work with more than 7680kb of video memory (so it should use 7,5Mb of your 8Mb).

more read about resolution and vram requirements
Yeah well I found a way to disable the LCD monitor of the laptop (Fn-F5), and that makes the Samsung monitor work at full resolution and 32 bit color. That's all I really care about but looking at the link you supplied I should be able to use the laptop LCD monitor @ 1024x768 and the Samsung at 1600x1200 at the same time if I cut down some on the colours. Not going to waste more time trying to solve that one though. :)
As you shouldn't, I bet that image on your laprop and that nice new samsung is beyond comparison


;) ;)