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There are a few pages on the web that do not show up properly in IE5 when I'm surfing - ie, either I get a message of "Done but with errors on page" or a page will load but will not show all graphics. I use an 8MB Rage Pro card.
Does anybody know whether this is a characteristic of this card?
I downloaded the driver W82560en from the ATI site, to use in place of the Windows-supplied driver, but the file would not install. Is there a better driver I might try?
Thanks for any help or advice.
First I would make sure that I had the latest upgrades to IE5 like Ie5.5 to make sure it supports most webpages.
I would than do a clean uninstall of your ATI video drivers and install one of the rageltmans drivers at this site.

Use udv2.0 if you have dX7
or use FDv3.0 if you have upgraded to DX8.

This should help.

You didn't say what version of windows you have. I believe that W82560en is for Windows 95, 98 and 98-SE only, but would perhaps work with Windows Me. If you need the ATI supported drivers for the Rage PRO instead of the RLTM's, I believe that ATI has new nicely done pages with recommended drivers for each OS. From memory, I believe they recommend driver 2628 for Windows Me. If you have any flavor of Windows NT, the drivers are different (W82560en shouldn't work).

W82560en did install nicely for me with Win95 OSR2. And later with the Win98SE upgrade I had to uninstall/re-install the drivers after upgrading Windows. Again, no problem at all. After trying other drivers I re-installed 2560 again without problems.

Whatever driver you select, make sure you do a clean install.

As for the error message you got (Done but with errors on page), it is strictly a problem with the Web site you visited or IE, or both. This is an application problem, definitely not a driver problem. Of course, it resulted in incorrect display, but you shouldn't blame display drivers for any and all display 'problems'.

If you successfully install *any* other driver, I bet you a million bucks that the same page will give you the same problem if the web page itself hasn't been fixed...

Regards, ../Klingon
Thanks for your reply Klingon.
I'm using Windows 98SE.
I've been nosing around this (minor) problem for some time now, trying to eliminate causes. From what you say I guess I can cross the display driver off the list. I have tried updating IE, but this had no effect on the display error. Somebody did mention in another group that they used ATI cards at work and they similarly found that a number of Web pages wouldn't display properly.
Whether this is to do with a quirk within IE or particular ATI cards, heaven alone knows. It is beginning to look rather as though it is just somehow a combination of the way my computer is set up. Perhaps this is linked up to the fact that I couldn't install W82560en - who knows?
Thanks for your input anyway.
Just in case you were tempted to upgrade to WinMe, I wanted to suggest you just stay with Win98SE. It's a better system. If all else fail you might want to reinstall it. I personally never had to resort to that.

You originally described your problem as seeing the 'Done but with errors on page' and at other times you seem to frequently get pages that load but without the images.

The people who claimed that the ATI cards are causing this are simply wrong. It's like having a car whose gas tank is empty and blaming the accelerator pedal for the symptom (being, no acceleration).

I have had all versions of IE since 3.01 and currently run IE5.5-SP1 (all the time with the same ATI card in the system and different video drivers). I had problems similar to yours in the past but the root cause was not with the card or drivers. Display problems caused by drivers don't usually manifest themselves in missing pictures. The driver either displays correctly what it is being asked to display, or else it usually will displays stuff in a corrupted manner. But web page formatting and whether images are received by your computer is something completely outside the scope of what a display driver is there for.

Actually, I tried the NetSonic internet accelerator at one point and uninstalled it because I was having pages often load with the graphics missing, or just load plain slow, or incompletely. Your problem might be network related. Either it is a configuration problem, or your ISP might offer poor service, or network congestion at the time and places you are trying to reach caused requests to time out and prevent pages to load fully. Some people build web sites on their home computer and use that as a server. This kind of setup is easily ovewhelmed. Try accessing powerful sites like microsoft, cnn, etc.

Seems like these problems are persistent for you. Sometimes it is hard to trace the root cause of a new problem. Have you always had this problem or can you remember about when it started? I'm not asking for an answer - ask yourself the question.

If you can remember about when it first appeared then try to remember what changes you made to the system. Did you change the hardware, did you add or uninstll software, did you changed configuration parameters, did you change stuff in the registry? If things worked better before some event, try undoing/correcting what you did. Sometimes freeware apps that claim to transform you computer into something it isn't are causing all kinds of problems.

First make sure all is well in device manager, and fix any problem you find there. If you overclock, try not o/c'ing temporarily until you have found and corrected the cause. The idea is that sometimes several things can contribute to a problem. Is your modem working correctly? Are you having unusually slow connect speeds? Are you also having problems with downloads (they are slow or they fail).

Run diagnostics. One that comes to mind is a web browser tester/tuner at http://www.browsertune.com/bt2kfast/. Another place to go is PC Pitstop at

Something might be out of date in your system. Sometimes applications install outdated DLL versions in the system and things start to go wrong after that. There are sites on the web that offer software update help. In addition to windows update you could pay a visit to http://updates.zdnet.com ou use the CatchUp service at http://catchup.cnet.com or the BigFix program at http://www.bigfix.com.

Don't go and blindly install all the updates these sites or programs suggest. Start by perusing the updates lists, find and read their descriptions, and see what seems to relate to the problems.

As for whether your failed attempt to install the 2560 driver might be causing this, I believe not, but it may cause other problems just to have had a failed install. It all depends at what stage it failed. If you can display at better that 640x480 in 16 colors then things perhaps are not too bad. In the future do avoid running your virus scanner or install monitoring apps while upgrading ATI drivers. Use the clean install procedure posted many times on this site (search for it).

Good luck!

Regards, ../Klingon
After your help Klingon I thought I'd let you know how I got on.
I took the Browsertune test, and to cut a long story short, I ended up downloading and installing the latest Java VM from Microsoft.
It has cured all my problems!!
Many thanks for your input and for pointing me in the right direction.
Glad to hear that, Monkey.

While using 'Browser Tune' I hope you accepted the offer from Fred Langa to subscribe to his free 'Langalist' newsletter. It's good, and your email address will not be sold to anyone.

If not, there's no need to re-run any of the browser tests. You can subscribe at http://www.langa.com or read the newsletters twice a week at the web site.

Regards, ../Klingon

PS. I'm just a subscriber myself. I'm not affiliated with Mr. Langa.