Rage Mobility w/TVOut & ACPI Err


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Trying to put together a cheapo box to use as a media center...currently using a Dell GX110 ~666MHz, 64 MB RAM with Win2K. Boots fine w/o the Rage Card installed (this card is what I have) but when I try and boot with card in, get a blue screen and a STOP message about ACPI compliance. [ STOP: 0x000000A5(0x00010003, 0xFE566670, 0x00000000, 0xFE56CEB8)]

Have already upgraded BIOS to most recent version, card worked in a different computer (older PII450 GX1), please help if you have any idea what could be causing.

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what o/s were you using on your PII 450? And have you tried using the 5.0.2195.5013 drivers for win2k?
It was win2k on the 450 as well. Howeevr, gave up on trying to force it to work with win2K on the PIII667 and just put on win98. Works fine now.

Still confused but thats the way it goes...